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12 June 2024 in Latest news

Websplain Wednesday

This free online safety guide focuses on webcams. Most commonly found embedded in laptop screens and smartphones, webcams are tiny video/still cameras designed to let users participate in video calls…
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At Race Leys Junior School our vision is that over the next few years, we will enhance the profile and provision of our Outdoor Learning to provide specialist Forest School sessions to children across the school.


This will create a chance to:

  • Connect with the natural world
  • Deliver first hand experiences of life and growth
  • Explore endless opportunities for creativity and imagination
  • Improve physical, social and emotional development. Outdoor Learning improves children’s emotional health, allowing for relaxation, calmness, and a heightened sense of well-being.

It can provide opportunities for independent learning, building confidence, resilience and self-esteem. With this focus, we will ensure that through tailored Forest School activities, these needs will be met.

Two members of staff have gained their Level 3 Forest School Practitioner qualification that will allow the use of tools and open fires within the school setting. This course entails a five-day practical training course and a five-day practical assessment alongside which a substantial portfolio will be completed. Trainees are also required to attend and pass a two-day Outdoor First Aid course.

At Race Leys Junior School, we aim to use the natural outdoor woodland area to offer the children an insight into the Forest School ethos. This approach to outdoor learning encourages children to become independent, use their imagination, take appropriate risks within boundaries and initiate learning for themselves. Forest School is a holistic approach to learning, incorporating children’s individuality and develops their skills for lifelong learning. It can cover all aspects of the National Curriculum, including the emotional and spiritual aspects of learning where self-esteem and self-confidence can grow and positive relationships with peers can be formed. Forest School explores the outdoors and the natural environment with practical, useful activities all year round. It develops peer learning with the adults providing support and enabling activities to take place. The child’s interest will be at the heart of any activity.

The main aims of Race Leys Forest School are:

  • To experience the outdoor environment for an extended period of time developing a relationship with natural spaces.
  • To promote children’s self-esteem and confidence using the Forest School area.
  • To foster independent, resilient, creative learners.
  • To meet the requirements of the National Curriculum within each Forest School session

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