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29 March 2023 in Latest news

Websplain Wednesday

Occurring through messaging apps, on social media and in online games, group chats are among the most popular ways that young people engage with their peers online. Involving, by definition,…
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27 March 2023 in Latest news

World Autism Acceptance Week

Griffins have loved learning more about World Autism Acceptance Week today, we look forward to sharing more of our learning with you.  
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24 March 2023 in Latest news

Awards Assembly

Well done to this weeks values and legendary learner award winners.      
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The intention of our Geography curriculum is to not only provide our children with a set of skills and knowledge about the world that they live in, but also to widen their horizons and encourage them to look beyond our local area or indeed, our country and develop their understanding how the environment can influence the culture and capabilities of an area.


This is implemented through a well-structured and carefully planned curriculum that build upon the skills that are taught as children progress through the year groups. Not only is this done through engaging topics and lessons, but also through themed events throughout that focus on the key issues of today like fair trade and climate change.

We have seen a measurable impact in outcomes for children, where both progress and attainment has increased since the curriculum was implemented in January 2020. Children have also developed their appreciation and knowledge of other countries through our special events such as the school wide focus on the Olympic Games.

The History curriculum at Race Leys Junior School intends to provide our children with the skills and knowledge that they need in order to demonstrate a firm understanding of key historical events and how they have shaped the world that we live in today. This is done alongside the three pillars of the Griffin Schools Trust: High Achievement, Griffin Promise and Proud Traditions.

This is implemented through a carefully planned curriculum that is designed to scaffold and build upon skills as children progress through the year groups. Assessment objectives are tracked across each topic on a half termly basis and our celebration of both new and existing proud traditions enables us to specifically focus on key events worldwide whilst developing an appreciation for our local history.

There have been many impacts of this, firstly in terms of measurable outcomes, where average attainment and progress have both increased since the curriculum was introduced in January 2020. However, there have also been impacts in the development of our children’s love for history and its level of importance within our school, as shown by the number of children who expressed an interest in becoming history ambassadors to ensure that pupil voice is at the heart of future developments within the subject.

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